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Hi everyone and welcome to My Fitness Equipment Reviews website. I have been passionate about fitness ever since I was 18 years old and I have purchased numerous products and used even more to become as fit as possible without becoming bored with exercising.

Being someone who struggled with eating healthy and regular exercise I was always looking for new ways to better myself and stay motivated to exercise. This normally came in the form of going to gyms and trying out different pieces of equipment or purchasing items for my own home use.

Now I want to give back.

Over the years I have used all brands and types of fitness equipment. I have tried different workout routines and incorporated numerous pieces of specialty equipment all of which came with a promise to make drastic changes to your physique and performance. Now I want to offer others some insight in to what I saw results with and what you can expect.


A Little Story About My Road to Become Fit

Growing up I was in to sports and played a lot of Hockey, I never had to work very hard to stay fit because I was always active. When I got to high school I stopped being as active and started eating very unhealthy. I put on a lot of weight and would have been considered obese when I graduated. One day I realized a change had to be made and that nobody was going to do it for me.

As you all know it isn’t easy to change your eating habits to incorporate healthier choices and start working out on a regular basis, it is even harder to stick with it and make it the new routine.

I spent hours reading magazines and asking people at the gym about the best thing to do to get in better shape, I tried every workout I could find online and even made up some of my own. I believed every thing I read about the “quick” and “easy” ways to achieve the results I was after and tried all different pieces of equipment that came with guarantees and promises for a better you. It took me a couple of years to figure out the only way to get there is a good work ethic, consistency and the right mindset.

The Industry Has Changed

It used to be free weights at the gym and eating as much protein as possible were thought to be the only ways to get fit. Now with Cross-fit, bowflex equipment and numerous DVD and online workout plans people from all walks of life are achieving results that used to be reserved for professional athletes and magazine cover models.

Different lifestyles require different fitness plans and different equipment but the ultimate way to achieve the results you are after is by finding something that works for you and that you can remain consistent with week in and week out. It can’t just be a fad or trend, it has to be a lifestyle change that you enjoy doing, a piece of equipment you enjoy using, something you look forward to doing and it makes you feel like your best self.

Much of the content I’m going to be discussing here will be reviews of fitness equipment and workout plans to help give a better understanding of what it is about to help you decide if it is the road you want to take to.

The Road to Success Can Get Bumpy

Majority of people will give up on their journey to get fit when they have a set back or lose interest in the routine they are using. A lot of stress and failures can be avoided by knowing what you are truly getting in to before you begin or make a purchase.

This can lead to a better success rate, an enjoyable experience and ultimately less money wasted.

So have a look around and if you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

To your fittest self,


Founder of My Fitness Equipment Reviews

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