Basic Home Gym Essentials – The Best Pieces Of Equipment For Your Home Gym

There are several benefits to setting up a gym at home, you never have to wait for a piece of equipment, you can listen to the music that you enjoy, and there will be a cost savings. You may not see the savings right away after you purchase the basic home gym essentials but over time it will add up. Especially if you factor in the cost of travelling to the gym, paying for a gym membership, the cost of parking at the gym and most important, your time wasted.

Although working out at home can take some extra motivation and some might tell you that there is no way you will get the same workout that you would in a commercial gym, I can assure you if you get the right home gym essentials you can achieve the same results in far less time.

As for the motivation, it may be difficult in the beginning, but just like it was difficult to start working out in the first place, this too can be overcome. Especially if you set up your gym in a way that makes it easy to go do a workout that will challenge your skill level.

These 8 basic home gym essentials will assist you to get your home gym started. Check out my previous post that will help you understand what is required to set up your home gym. You can also check out my backyard home gym ideas if you don’t have the space in your house to set up the gym you want.

Click any of the images below to see my top choices.

Weight Bench

Check out my picks for the top weight benches here.


Whether you are looking for a flat or incline bench, the Hammer Strength Multi Adjustable Bench is perfect for your home workout. This folding weight bench offers a back pad with eight adjustable pressing angles. Hammer Strength equipment is tough enough to take what the best athletes in the world dole out, and it’s rugged enough for the home gym. Hammer Strength is used by most pro sports teams and the top college athletic programs, which makes it an ideal choice for those who want to train like an elite athlete.

Rubber Flooring / Mat

  • One Mat, Any Workout

Cambivo GymCope Exercise Mat is designed for home-based workouts; Great for apartments and condos, home gyms or living room workouts; It is the ideal mat for doing Aerobic exercise, Fitness Workouts like Plyometrics, MMA conditioning, Cardio, Strength Training, Dance, Zumba, Kettle Bell, Jumping Rope; Fit for use with workout DVD programs like TAM, HIIT, etc

  • Extra Thick & Great Cushion

Our GymCope exercise mat is made of high-density sponge rubber; It is thicker and has better durability and flexibility, more cushion, more comfortable; High-density foam provides strong protection for your knees and joints when doing exercise; Can be used on all kinds of ground, whether on concrete, hardwood or tile floors, it will stay in place

  • Premium Two-Sided Surface

Top of mat consists of a soft texture for extra comfort, the bottom is composed of honeycomb groove pad which prevents the mat from sliding around; It protects hardwood floors and is perfect for living rooms, basement, home gyms or garage workouts

  • Extra Towel And Straps

Each premium mat come with one 100% Microfiber Towel, two Velcro Strap, and one Storage Bag. The Microfiber Towel (27’’x 16’’) is for absorbing or wiping your sweat during workouts and easy-clean after use. Simply tie up the mat with Two Velcro Straps for storage. It’s a perfect gift for yogis, men, women, and health, fitness enthusiasts

Squat Rack 



Create a powerful, space-efficient training area. The half rack is constructed specifically for the home gym, but with the same commercial-grade steel and components that build the Hammer Strength racks used by the most demanding training facilities and athletes in the world. It bolts securely and quickly to wall studs, and once properly installed it allows you to take your strength training to a new level. With the Hammer Strength Home Squat Rack, serious exercisers can bring more than 30 years of strength training expertise into their home.




It seems like a basic piece of equipment but a good bar will last a lifetime. All of Hammer Strength’s Olympic Barbells are constructed of high-grade materials so they can deliver you the best experience and most durable product to last for years to come. Each of their bars are made in the USA and are a great addition to your home gym.

Weight Plates



The Olympic size weight plates have a 12-sided anti-roll shape and two patented diametrically opposed handle openings for easy loading, pickup and storage. The handle contour has been ergonomically designed and textured for carrying. Available in multiple weight options for a variety of fitness levels.



  • Less impact to the floor than steel plates
  • Made from recycled material
  • Durable and tough
  • Fits 2 in Olympic bars
  • Plates sold individually

Resistance Bands

  • Ripcords work the whole muscle, including the stabilizers, more effectively than free weights and machines. This means increased efficiency and a healthier, stronger, look and feel
  • Resistance bands not only burn fat and help you lose weight but with circuit training can provide a great cardio workout
  • Ripcords products complement your ongoing rehabilitation programs as they provide a low resistance alternative to traditional weight lifting
  • Improve range of motion and flexibility with ongoing Ripcords training
  • Now featuring exclusive ergonomic handle for maximum grip and comfort

The Slastix®, or sleeved-elastic, is a staple in Stroops training. This durable resistance band adapts to your training needs. The clips on each end make it easy to use any Stroops attachment for your workouts. Clip the other end to an anchoring point and get moving. The 36” Slastix is the standard length and provides the most training versatility. Resistances vary for all fitness levels.



This series of dumbbells have a specifically formulated rubber blend that provides an unmatched level of quality and durability at a great price. Underneath this protection lies the industry’s best press fit, with the dumbbell head and shaft hydraulically bond together to prevent loosening and rotation during your workout routine. Available from 5 lbs to 100 lbs.


Another great option for a home gym is an adjustable set of dumbbells, one pair of dumbbells can cover a large range of different weights.

  • Adjustable weight

Adjusts from 5 lb to 52.5 lbs

  • Compact design

They can adjust to 15 different weights replacing a whole rack of dumbbells.

  • All-in-One Design

Enjoy the compact design of your Adjustable Dumbbell set, maximizing your storage capabilities and your workouts.

  • Convenient

A convenient and safe piece of equipment to work at home.


Pull Up Bar

Wall Mount Pull Up Bar Special Edition
For 2021 we wanted to take our best selling Wall Mount Pull Up Bar and make it even stronger with a bold new look and enhancements to the structure of the bar. First we shifted the mount plates to box section tubing to pick up a half inch of wall clearance and ensure a perfectly flush fit with the wall. Next we trimmed the hardware profile with a cap head bolt to ensure ease of use with bar accessories like Gymnastic Rings and Ab Straps (sold separately). And finally, we added gussets to the risers to make the bar become structural part of the entire assembly. When you want 16 inches on center and you want strong, order the Wall Mount Pull Up Special Edition.

• Get highly metabolic home workouts that build muscle across the chest, arms, back, and core – fast
• New Special Edition: Gusseted risers deeply support the bar for the ultimate in stability and strength.
• Low profile hardware works easily with bar accessories (sold separately).
• New boxed wall plates increase clearance and set a bold look on your wall.
• Industry leading 14.5 – 21 inches of wall clearance provides maximum range of motion.
• High density foam grips reduce strain for longer workouts.
• Padded grip positions at 10, 16, 24, and 36 inches lets you target the results you want.
• The Wall Mount Pull Up Bar Special Edition is rated for 350 lbs to support your most strenuous workouts.
• A rigid bar frees you to focus on form and repetition so you can get more out of your workout time.
• Build a full body gym with optional ab straps and gymnastic rings (sold separately)
• Includes Ultimate Body Press 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and 10 year warranty against manufacturers defects. You will love owning the this bar and the workouts, or we will refund your money.

Anchor Optional Pull Up Bar Accessories
Add optional Ab Straps, Gymnastic Rings to transform your Wall Mount Pull Up Bar into a complete home gym. Pull up bar accessories expand your favorite exercises with new compound movements and increase your rep counts to full sets with assisted exercise variations. If you are seeking a performance edge on the field, working up to your first pull up or rediscovering your best performance levels, pull up bar accessories get comprehensive results fast. (accessories sold separately)

Nice To Have Addons

Not everyone will have the space or the initial budget to purchase all of this equipment, and that is perfectly fine. But if you are looking to add to the basic home gym essentials above, here is some equipment that will help you maximize your workouts.

Cardio Equipment

  • Heavier 40-lb. flywheel allows users to build up momentum and recreate the high rpm training techniques used by outdoor cyclists and indoor studio cycling enthusiasts
  • Adjustability is a key factor in the overall design. Indoor cycles must have up/down and fore/aft adjustments on the seats and handlebars so each user can “set up” the cycle for their specific body size. “Lever” style adjustment handles makes it easier to loosen and tighten critical adjustments
  • Heavy-duty pedal cranks give you the performance needed for high intensity workouts
  • Training techniques include high rpm speeds while seated, alternating with lower rpm sections and high resistance levels, similar to standing on a road bike when going up steep inclines
  • Multi-position handlebars let you use a variety of body positions while training to help work different muscle groups.
  • Self-generating electronic resistance system means you can use the 910Ic indoor cycle in your home or out on your back deck or patio
  • Wireless heart rate controlled resistance allows you to train effectively by staying at your target heart rate throughout the workout program
  • Computer controlled magnetic resistance to automatically simulate studio class workouts or outdoor training with a touch of a button for resistance control. Just like changing gears on a bike. No need to spin a knob.
  • 32 levels of resistance insure a smooth resistance transition between program intensity levels
  • Polar compatible wireless heart rate receiver
  • Built in water bottle cage and storage compartment
  • Custom graphics only available on a Diamondback Fitness product
  • 12 workout programs, 4 heart rate controlled programs, manual and custom user settings
  • Motivation and challenge are keys to a successful workout program on an indoor cycle. The 910Ic indoor cycle provides you with preprogrammed riding courses, automatic resistance changes, real-time feedback regarding miles traveled, calories burned, speed and time.


The durable Activate Series treadmill is found in the top fitness facilities around the globe and is now available for your home. The treadmill combines intuitive functionality with extremely reliable performance. It’s the ideal treadmill for your home workouts.


  • Flexdeck

The FlexDeck shock absorption system reduces knee and joint stress by up to 30% more than exercising on non-cushioned surfaces. Eight durable Lifespring shock absorbers deliver consistent cushioning for countless miles of comfortable runs.

  • Easy To Use

The Activate Series console screen provides clear and simple instruction, which makes it easy to get on and go.

Suspension Trainer


The Bodyweight Gym is a Slastix driven suspension trainer. The built-in Slastix increase your muscular stability by letting you train functional movements in an unstable environment. The Slastix can be removed when you want to train in a more stable environment. You can use the Bodyweight gym anywhere making it the ultimate on-the-go training tool. Reach your body’s full potential with this Slastix-suspension trainer hybrid.




  • Train your entire body with one simple device that gives you a resistance and cardiovascular workout
  • Target specific muscle groups while engaging your core
  • By suspending and shifting your bodyweight against gravity, you create a dynamic resistance that allows you to completely target every muscle in the human body
  • Prevent injuries by drastically increasing your flexibility and stabilizer muscle strength
  • The ability to find your ideal resistance and decrease or increase it even during a set


Functional Trainer 

The G7 Home Gym features dual-adjustable pulleys that offer nearly limitless home exercise variety and customization. Cable Motion strength training helps you build balance, stability and power. Video guidance and an exercise guide make it easy for you to get started and stay motivated. Bring the health club experience home with the smartly designed G7.


Creates limitless workout possibilities and fun workout variety

Ergonomically-designed to mimic your body’s natural path of motion

Ensures correct positioning for a variety of exercises

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite piece of home gym equipment is.

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