Fun Fitness Activities for Kids – Make Up For Missing Gym Class

It’s been a couple of months since school was cancelled due to Covid-19 and it doesn’t look like they will be opening before summer holidays. With no gym class the kids need something new and exciting to get them active, of course there are the usuals like hopscotch, tag, soccer, baseball or hide and seek, but what if they are getting bored with doing the same thing day after day?

Well here are a few fun fitness activites for kids, all of these can be done either outdoors or indoors if you have enough space.

Obstacle Course

I put this one first because this is one of my favorite fun fitness activities for kids. Even adults love obstacle courses, look how many obstacle course races are available these days. If you’re limited to indoors you can use furniture, blankets, broom sticks, laundry baskets, whatever you have handy, be creative, get the kids to help and set up an obstacle course.

Obviously if you have the space outdoors and the weather cooperates you can go all out and build with wood or just use items you have in the garage already. If you have a wheel barrow and a couple of heavy items like rocks you can get the kids to run with that between two obstacles. Again, get the kids involved in the design, they will definitely have more fun with it if they helped build it.

Crossfit Name Game

If you aren’t familiar with crossfit this one is pretty straight forward, take an acitvity that is typically used as a workout and add it to your list of fun fitness activities for kids. Use the list of letters and have the kids spell their name by completing the exercise associated with each letter of their name.

For the younger kids you can modify the exercise or come up with your own all together. A couple of fun substitutes could be to hop on one foot, spin in circles, walk like a bear or do cartwheels.

Jump Rope

Not the most unique of the fun fitness activities for kids but it can be a great way to get the heart beating while still being a fresh and fun activity. Get the whole family involved and form teams to mix things up a bit.

Red Light – Green Light

Red light – green light is almost like High Intensity Interval Training, except its on a list of fun fitness activites for kids so it can’t be a workout, right?

With the starting and stopping it is exactly like HIIT. Get the heart pumping on green light and let it slow a bit during red light, you could even add a yellow light to mix it up where they walk. I like to get them to freeze in one position when I say red light, this adds a little more difficulty as well as changes it up to keep it fresh. 

Lawn Bowling

You don’t have to have a lawn bowling set to play this one, just get some pop bottles and any kind of ball that you have laying around. If you can’t get the bottles to stand in the grass you can put down a piece of plywood or put a little bit of water in the bottom of each bottle. The great thing about setting up your own pins is you don’t have to use the traditional set-up, you can set them in any pattern you like.

Index Card Game

Another of the fun fitness activities for kids that is reminiscent of a workout, but call it a game and they won’t know any better. All you need are some index cards or pieces of heavy paper and a marker. Now write a bunch of movements or exercises on the cards and take turns drawing cards and everyone performs what was on the card.

Examples could be jumping on the spot 10 times or flapping your “wings” like a bird for 10 seconds. Ask the kids for ideas and make 10 to 15 cards so everyone is played out before you’re out of cards.

Follow the Leader

This activity can be as easy or difficult as the kids want to make it. Encourage them to run, crawl or hop their way around the yard or house while copying what the leader does. Depending on how many kids you have there could be quite a few rounds before everyone has a chance to be the leader, this just means they are active for longer.

It’s important to help our children stay active in these times, it is a difficult transition for them to stay home and not have recess or gym class with their friends. There are a lot of rewards to implementing fun fitness activities for kids at home and most of these don’t take a lot of preparation or time to get ready.

Comment below if you are going to try any of these, or what have you been doing to help your kids stay active during this difficult time.

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4 thoughts on “Fun Fitness Activities for Kids – Make Up For Missing Gym Class”

  1. This is a post that is particularly interesting for people who really do not know what to do with children at home during this Covid-19 thing. Now that there is no school for them to go to.

    I liked the list of simple basic activities you can do with the children involving the family.

    I think that this kind of activities that can cheer up the children and diminish Covid-19 fear in children which is so important now.

  2. Fun Fitness Activities for Kids – Make Up For Missing Gym Class
    I firmly agreed with these articles. I truly believed as parents that it is our job to keep our children healthy. Since school had been out my wife and I are figuring out interesting exercises with our children. Since we do not have the space needed for an obstacle course; we replace it with a circuit exercise by designing a different station in which we all rotate after 30 seconds. The CrossFit name game was fun if you have a long name like myself have fun. Simply put it we may be dealing with a major crisis, but let us all created a bond through exercising with our children.

  3. Hi – Great ideas for the kids. Some of Grandchildren are sadly addicted to on-line games and don’t do much activity so I think your ideas will be useful to get them up and running. Jump rope is a great way of getting kids active, my granddaughter is really keen on the jump rope or skipping as we call it here in the UK, I remember doing jump rope as part of my athletic training as a young man and it certainly gets the blood pumping.

    To be honest the great ideas you have put forward should be part of every parents armoury with regards to keeping their kids active, it is so important, I think if you can make a child enjoy exercise when they are young then they will always love it and will enjoy the health benefits as they grow older.

    Regards Mike

    • Hey Mike, 

      I couldn’t agree more, I think if you instill a healthy lifestyle in children at a young age it is something they will just carry on for the rest of their lives. Thanks for the comment. 



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