Human Trainer Review – Workout at Home or On the Go With a Suspension Trainer

Product: Human Trainer Master Kit

Price: $610.00

Best Place to Buy:

Guarantee: 90 Day Money Back

Warranty: 2-Year Replacement Warranty

My Rating: 5 out of 5

What is a Suspension Trainer?

In the last couple of years Suspension Gyms have steadily gained in popularity in the fitness industry and for good reason. Body weight based suspension exercise is an effective method of resistance training that utilizes ropes, straps or belts that allow for a number of exercises to develop functional strength, balance, flexibility, as well as core and joint stability.

A good Suspension Trainer is one of the best workout tools you can have at home!

Human Trainer Master Kit Overview

The Human Trainer Master Kit comes with everything you need to set up a pretty sweet home gym except for something to anchor it to. There is no shortage of ways to attach it to something with this kit though, it comes with a set of door anchors for attaching it to a door in your house or even a hotel room. It also comes with 2 short versatility anchors for attaching it to anything that you can wrap a strap around as well as 2 ceiling mounts with all the hardware that you can attach to a beam or joist in your house. With this kit you can even take your workout outside, find a tree or a swing set to throw the strap around, hook up the main strap and get to work.

On top of all the anchors and the trainer you also get the Essential Trainer DVD, the Circuit7 – The Human Trainer DVD, a Mesh Carry Bag, a Handbook Manual, 2 Ab Slings, 2 Handles, 2 Triceps Ropes, the Rotational Pulley, the Advanced Poster showing you 40 different Suspension Exercises and 4 E-Books.

If that seems like a lot of stuff for $610, it’s because it is! I couldn’t believe how many accessories were in the box when I opened it. Purchasing all the items within this kit separately you would end up paying over $750, and if you don’t feel like you would use everything included you do have the option to purchase the human trainer essential kit and any of the attachments separate.


When I first removed the human trainer from the box I was impressed with the quality, I have used a couple of the other popular brands of suspension trainers available on the market and I would say this is right on par with them and it costs less. At first, I didn’t like the idea of it being two separate straps and not one continuous strap like the competitors but I quickly realized there are some benefits to two straps that make this better. I was able to set the straps wider apart and use it almost like a cable machine to do things like chest flyes that I couldn’t do as effectively with the single strap style.

The Human Trainer is super quick and easy to adjust the length with the clip system. This also makes it quick to change attachments or switch mounting points, I find I move it between one single point or two a bit further apart quite often throughout my workout.


I’m not one to not be able to find something wrong with a product, I’m very critical of every piece of equipment I try but I could not find something I didn’t like with the Human Trainer Master Kit, and believe me I tried.

Body weight training is so much fun and you can make it as easy or as hard as you want no matter what your body weight or level of fitness just by changing your body angle! If you’re looking for a space-saving way to get a great workout at home or on the go then you need to look at a suspension trainer.

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9 thoughts on “Human Trainer Review – Workout at Home or On the Go With a Suspension Trainer”

  1. Yeah, I’m a huge fan of bodyweight training and a suspension trainer is definitely something I want to have for my home gym. Since COVID-19 shut down my gym until I think May 12th they’re allowed to reopen, I decided to embark on creating my own home gym in the back room of my apartment where I have plenty of space should something like this happen again or since I live further north, get snowed in during the winter months. 

    I do a lot of bodyweight training movements as is and have been doing so since I started doing at-home workouts when my gym temporarily closed but adding a suspension trainer grants a user a whole new dimension to bodyweight training. 

  2. Wow! That set is awesome! All it is missing is you. I cannot imagine not being able to get into shape with this product. My one concern is for the number of moving parts it comes with. Not being the most careful individual, I can also see the potential for losing a strap or pulley or key nut and bolt here. Otherwise, The Human Trainer Suspension Trainer looks real good.

    • Hey Jacquelyn, 

      Thanks for the comment, I don’t think you should be concerned about losing any of the components since they are all attached pretty good and there is no need to ever disassemble any of it. Anything that requires you to take it apart is all clips. Also if you don’t like the pulleys or moving parts you can get the essential kit which is just the main suspension trainer straps, handles and anchors. It really is one of the most affordable compact ways to set up a home gym and get in shape. 


  3. I really enjoyed your post and thought it was very well written. Great job.

    This sure looks like you seem to get a lot for your money.  Pretty cool that you use inside the house or out.  You could even take it with you on the road, maybe not all of it but a few of the ropes and straps.

    With this kit, do you still do a bit of cardio along with it?

    • Hey Coralie, 

      That’s a great question, I like to do a bit of high intensity interval training as my cardio after my body weight training. This has many more benefits than steady state cardio like running on a treadmill at a steady pace. 

  4. Hi, i like your review of this product. I have been looking for something like this which is like a complete gym. I only have one sling currently at home and haven´t bought any accessories due to them being quite expensive. I also like the fact that the slings are split in two, with the additional benefit as you describe.

    What is the warranty period for this equipment if something fails after a while?

    • Hey Roy, 

      Thanks for the comment, this would definitely be an upgrade from your single sling unit, and it allows you to do so many more exercises. The warranty is 2 years, which is also better than most on the market. 


  5. Hi Tyler

    This seems to be such a great value product – I’m quite surprised at how much content is included in the kit! Is this something that a beginner could put together easily themselves and actually benefit from, without causing major damage (to their surroundings!) or permanent injury (to themselves)?

    • Hey Shell, 

      Thanks for the question, this is a great product for beginners since you can adjust your body position to change the difficulty of the exercises to suit your strength level. If you focus on slow controlled movements you shouldn’t have to worry about causing damage, to yourself or your surroundings. 



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