Inner Chest Exercises for a Sculpted Inner Chest Line

No matter how many bench presses or push ups you do you’ve probably noticed that one part of your pec muscles seems to be less defined than the rest. The inner chest where the pec muscles attach to the breast bone is a difficult area to get sculpted, but luckily, not impossible.

Before I get in to the exercises there is one thing you should understand. Having a chiseled inner chest is no different than chasing the dream for a 6-pack, if your body fat isn’t low enough than no amount of muscle building will make the area more visible. Check out my fat burning workout to see how you can help get rid of a little excess body fat to maximize your inner chest appearance.

When it comes to working the inner chest, we’re only talking about one pair of muscles: the pectoralis majors. These are the big chest muscles that attach to the sternum. There’s a second pec muscle on each side—the pectoralis minor—which is the smaller lower chest muscle and does not attach to the sternum, therefore it does not need to be targeted when doing inner chest exercises.

The space between where the two pec majors attach at the sternum forms a vertical column. For a well-defined inner chest, these attachment points need to be as built-up as possible, so that each individual pec major is clearly separated from the other one. With that said, here are five inner chest exercises to target the inner chest area to give you that sculpted inner chest groove.

Crush Grip DB Press

The crush press or hammer squeeze press is one of my favourite inner chest workouts, it can be done with one or two dumbbells depending on what is available.

  • Lay on a bench or on the floor with the weights in your hands directly above your chest, if using two dumbbells keep your palms facing and the dumbbells touching, for a single dumbbell, grip it on the ends with palms facing together.
  • As you lower the weight to your chest keep squeeze the dumbbells together and your shoulders down and together with your core remaining tight throughout the exercise.
  • Bring the weight to just above your chest at mid-chest level.
  • Engage the chest and press the weight back up to the starting position. Imagine you are trying to crush the dumbbell with your palms as you press it up and flex the chest as hard as you can at the top.

Single Arm Cable Fly

This inner chest exercise can be done with a single cable or resistance band with a D handle.

  • Begin by holding the D handle in your hand with the cable machine straight out to the side holding the handle.
  • Keeping the same bend in your elbow and your core engaged through the entire movement, squeeze your chest to pull the handle across your body as far as you can reach.
  • Pause and then in a controlled manner bring your arm back out to your side, pause again before beginning the next rep.
  • Complete all reps for one side before doing the other side.

Diamond Push-up

The Diamond Push-up is a more difficult variation of the classic push-up, with your hands coming together to make a diamond shape under your chest.

  • Start in a plank position with your legs extended behind you and your hands making a diamond shape directly below your chest.
  • Lower your chest down by bending your elbows keeping your arms flared out from your sides at a 30 degree angle.
  • Press your body back up while squeezing your chest muscles, at the top of the exercise really try to squeeze your arms together to get maximum contraction of the chest muscles.


Dips can be used to target the triceps or the chest depending on your body position and how you allow your elbows to flare during the exercise. For this inner chest exercise you will want to keep your torso slightly leaned forward and allow your elbows to flare out from your body.

  • Get on to the dip bars with arms fully extended, don’t allow your shoulders to shrug by keeping your shoulder blades pulled down.
  • Keep your legs straight and feet slightly ahead of your body with your torso bent forward.
  • As you lower your body down allow your elbows to flare outward and not behind you, keep your core tight and torso angled forward throughout the movement.
  • Go down until your elbows are 90 degrees, pause and engage the chest to push yourself back up to the start.

Svend Press

The Svend press is a great inner chest exercise that increases the time under tension. It is completed in a slow controlled manner and is a great burnout exercise to do at the end of a chest workout.

  • Hold two small plates sandwiched together between your palms and bring your hands up to your chest with your fingers pointing forward.
  • Extend your arms and press the plates straight out from your chest so your arms are parallel to the floor.
  • Slowly return to the start.

Try to work one or two of these inner chest exercises in to each chest workout. You should be aiming to hit each muscle group at least two times per week so mix up which two exercises you are using to get all the benefits.

As I said before you will need to have low enough body fat levels to visually see the benefits of these exercises, but that doesn’t mean everyone can’t benefit from strengthening the inner chest area. If you are serious about lowering your body fat and are looking for the no BS hard truth about how to do it then check out my post here.

My goal is to help you achieve your goals, not to sell you something you don’t need! I take a fact over feeling approach and although it may be difficult to hear at first once you start to believe in yourself you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Hit me up in the comments if you have any questions or feel free to email me or find me on social media with the links below.

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